Friday, November 16, 2012

Six Months

I can hardly believe it, but my sweet baby girl turned 6 months on October 26th!
This has been a big month for our Lila.
The latest:
-cut her first tooth, and is working on her second
-had her first taste of rice cereal (not a huge fan)
-has tried baby food and oatmeal and is not loving it either....hoping she'll come around
-began rolling all over and spinning on her tummy in circles
-just this week she figured out how to scoot (army crawl)
-now i'm baby proofing everything and bugging the kids like crazy to keep things picked up (she puts everything in her mouth!)
-she found her voice and loves to talk, squeal and laugh. 
-she can be LOUD!
-still doesn't take a bottle, but then again i haven't been serious about making her
-she loves to be held, but doesn't like to cuddle, just wants to be in the middle of everything
-she is still such a happy, easy going baby and puts up with a lot of running her older siblings around
-she is still adored by all of us
Happy 6 months baby!

I think these paint a more realistic picture of our Lila at 6 months. Busy, busy!!