Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Family Photos

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lila Jane 9 & 10 months

9 months and feeling a little under the weather
 Oh how we love this sweet girl.  She is full of so much personality and spunk.  She loves to play and be the center of attention.  She adores her siblings and thinks Liam hung the moon.  She climbs all over him trying to  play with him and love on him (and bug him a little too...she's already learned how to do that. Ü) 
She is walking along the couch, eating real food like crazy and playing, talking and laughing all of the time.  We just can't get enough of you, Lila Jane.
10 months and acting silly 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miss Lila 7 & 8 months

 I can't seem to keep up with the blog, but thank goodness I'm still hanging in there with the monthly pictures of this sweet girl.  She is growing up so fast, too fast...I keep telling her to slow down.  Just this week she pulled herself up to stand in her crib and I promptly sat her back down...I'm not even close to ready for that!

Here's a quick list of Lila at 7 & 8 months old (mostly so I won't forget!)

  • She's mobile!  She's an expert army crawler and gets up on her knees from time to time, but still prefers to scoot on her belly.  
  • She's fast and loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.  I've quickly had to train the big kids on keeping doors closed...especially the bathroom door.  The second she sees it open, she goes right for it.  Her favorite bathroom toy...the bolt covers on the bottom of the toilet.  Gross.
  • She can go from sitting up to crawling.
  • She sits up in the bathtub now and loves to splash.  She loves to take baths, until it's time to get out and then she gets MAD!
  • She will not take a bottle.  Andrew got her to take 2 oz of formula, once, but nothing since.  I love to nurse her, but Mama would like to go on a date with just her hubby in the near future!
  • She hated all baby food until about two weeks ago.  Now she'll eat pears and applesauce, and we're slowing trying to introduce other things...we'll see how that goes.
  • She loves to play, and smile and giggle.  She's so much fun right now.
  • Still wakes me up twice at night to nurse...we're working on it...Mama would like a little more sleep too.
  • She's so happy and content.  Quick to smile.  Puts up with a lot of running the other 3 crazy kids around.  
  • Has two bottom teeth.
  • Adored by her siblings...and gets lots of attention...probably a little spoiled. :)
  • Showing signs of stranger anxiety already.  Especially if she can see me or Dad.  
  • Has big, beautiful, blue eyes and dark hair.
  • Loves to look at herself in the bathroom mirror.  Makes her smile and giggle every time.
  • Has learned how to shake her head back and forth like she's saying no...really cute.
  • She brings so much joy to our whole family...we love our Lila Jane.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Six Months

I can hardly believe it, but my sweet baby girl turned 6 months on October 26th!
This has been a big month for our Lila.
The latest:
-cut her first tooth, and is working on her second
-had her first taste of rice cereal (not a huge fan)
-has tried baby food and oatmeal and is not loving it either....hoping she'll come around
-began rolling all over and spinning on her tummy in circles
-just this week she figured out how to scoot (army crawl)
-now i'm baby proofing everything and bugging the kids like crazy to keep things picked up (she puts everything in her mouth!)
-she found her voice and loves to talk, squeal and laugh. 
-she can be LOUD!
-still doesn't take a bottle, but then again i haven't been serious about making her
-she loves to be held, but doesn't like to cuddle, just wants to be in the middle of everything
-she is still such a happy, easy going baby and puts up with a lot of running her older siblings around
-she is still adored by all of us
Happy 6 months baby!

I think these paint a more realistic picture of our Lila at 6 months. Busy, busy!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

Growing up, Halloween was my favorite holiday.  I loved everything about it.  But, my goodness, as a Mom Halloween is exhausting!  We still had lots of fun, but I'm not too sad to wait another year for it to come around again!
Some pictures of our adventures:
Ward Trunk or Treat
Don't be fooled by this picture, this is one of our favorite babysitters and Liam's biggest crush to date.  He LOVES her!

 Carving Pumpkins
Some things I've learned living in the AZ so far.  Fall doesn't show up until mid-November, so don't carve pumpkins until the day before Halloween (learned the hard way our first year here...moldy bueno.)
They look alike, dontcha think???

BNOTD, Owen carved his pumpkin all by himself this year!

My best cookie helper.  The boys lasted long enough to frost and eat 1.

Traditional jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner

Skeleton Ninja

Pretty Pirate
Captain Hook (this may be my favorite picture, ever.)

Squishy baby girl pirate

Our sad attempts at Halloween costumes.  We're lame-o.

Love these 4.

This kid cracks me up.  Couldn't get out of that costume and into his candy fast enough.